l Our Story l
   Brandon and I have been together since we
  met  in college in 2011. We spent the first year
  and a  half of our relationship long distance. 
  During this time, we promised ourselves we
would allow it to make us grow closer and learn
  everything we could about each other. So we
  came up with an idea. Once a day we would
  send a picture from our past to each other and
  describe the memory or event associated with
  the picture! Over this year and a half we sent
  hundreds of memories to each other,
  establishing our love of photography together.
  As hard as long distance was, we wouldn't have
  changed a thing! We spend the last five years
traveling, falling in love, moving states, starting a
  business, practicing our crafts, rooting for the
Philadelphia Eagles, meeting clients and creating
  amazing memories!

It is such a wonderful thing to find your other half and we feel so lucky to have found just that. We feel just as lucky to spend our time with people who have found their special someone as well!

So cheers to you and
  your love story and the beautiful part we get to
  play in it!

l  Our Goal  l

  ~ We see ourselves as the luckiest  
  team alive! Our goal is to authentically document and capture who YOU are
and the incredibley important moments you experience! We love telling your
story through our images and we never want to let a story go untold! Come
take part in our journey and see how we see life.. through the WebLens ~

l  The Name  l

We love this question! Three years ago Brandon and I realized that we wanted to start our Photography and Web
Design business journey. So there we are sitting in our living room literally saying “So… where do we start?” We 
  decided we would start with our name!
So I started a list (I should mention that
I love lists; grocery lists, To-do lists,  wish lists, any excuse to write a list I will
utilize it lol) and I began to write down words that describe Photography and
Web Design. So a few hours later, and a
few glasses of wine later, we had fused
our two passions together and ended
up with WebLens Designs. Completely original and completely us.

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